5 Email Styles to Incorporate into Your Industrial Marketing Strategy


As per studies, 91% of all consumers use email while 73% of businesses make use of the marketing technique as their primary form of communication. It is an effective & simple industrial marketing strategy to boost brand awareness as it lets you to stay in touch & be in the minds of existing customers while also mining new potential prospects for boosting business reach. 

The Radicati Group has come up with the info that more than 34% of the people (around the world) use email. That’s approximately around 2.5 billion people. It’s said to increase to 2.8 billion email users in the coming 2 years. Do you even know any person who doesn’t have an email id? You might be receiving n number of emails each week.  

Email is a big part of our lives today. A very big part. Which is why its place is very important in today’s industrial marketing strategy. It is a vibrant and powerful way to connect with professionals in the business world. It can be customized to suit actions so that every message is relevant to interest. You can cover various topics like changes in your company policies, victories, request feedback to your customers – the list is endless.  

However, the way of action that majority of marketers plan is still doubtful for achieving fruitful results. For many, Email marketing is still about blasting out the same formulaic message to prospect on your email list. What marketers should follow is, segment their clients and prospects as per their stages in the sales cycle, & then produce an informative, engaging email that caters to each targeted persona. Email messages should be used thoughtfully strategically in order to connect with the targeted audience and convey valuable services offers, establishing you as a leader in your specific field. 

We have listed out few of the most important types of email campaigns that you can incorporate in your industrial marketing strategy: 

Welcome Emails 

As per certain research, 25% of leads are immediately sales ready but, 50% are not yet ready to buy even though they are qualified. This is what makes nurturing important in the field of marketing.  

Welcome emails are shown to have better open & click through rates especially the ones with a personal touch. Focus on introducing your organization in your welcome email rather than slathering on a sales pitch. Build a relationship first before introducing a new product or service. Put your efforts in giving off an excellent first impression which illustrates your expertise in the field & industry knowledge. 


Newsletters are being sent out by everyone today as they provide great opportunities to engage with your client roster by presenting solutions to the relevant industry problems. Ensure to keep your tone authentic, & do not forget to test out to see what resonates. It can be great for educating prospects & customers about your company’s services and products. 

Promotional Nurturing Email Campaigns 

Promotional emails have multiple purposes as they can be designed to promote various marketing materials from blog posts to discount offers. It can also be used to send out promotional messages to inform your customer base about what’s happening within your company. These messages can be used to represent useful content that is relevant to engage potential leads. Just be sure to craft different types of promotional nurturing emails that match your customer’s needs.  

The goal over here is to guide them through the sales cycle for ultimately converting them into loyal customers. 

Product Update Emails 

Existing customers require service & product updates when there are changes in the solutions that you provide or when there are updates/upgrades that haven’t been considered. What should not be forgotten here is that, these type of messages shouldn’t be sent frequently. Consider bundling the information in a single email if you’re overflowing with updates.  

Re-Engagement Emails 

If your analytics is showing that a portion of your subscribers are inactive, it’s time for you to send out re-engagement emails for re-establishing contact & good will. Asking for feedbacks can bring back your business in their minds, and once you get fresh feedbacks from them, you can use the data for the overall improvement of your business.

Sending out email blasts won’t just cut it in the world of marketing anymore. Marketers should plan & form thoughtful strategies to approach clients at their needs. They should also stand out from the messages that are being sent by your competitors. Incorporate this with these five types of emails into your industrial marketing strategy for best results. 

For attaining top quality email marketing data of professionals who work in the industrial sector, get in touch with one of our sales reps today. 

Vance Hayden is a writer of his thoughts. Having a background in logistics sales, he has proved his worth in fields of digital marketing, market research and related areas at CampaignLake where we focus on industrywise marketing. He also writes fiction, on subjects ranging from war stories to romantic narratives. While not penning down creative ideas, he spends his time listening to Pink Floyd, sketching anime charaters or travelling.

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