6 Must-have qualities in every Industrial Marketing Strategist


The world of marketing is vast and is getting better every day. With new technologies on the rise and tools available to analyze the data, there is no better time to be a marketer. While yes, an array of opportunities have opened up; competition has also become stiff. Cracking through the ranks to reach the top has become seemingly tricky as well.

Marketing in whole is a large circuit that includes different types of engagement. For instance, there is B2C marketing wherein the experts are required to engage with customers directly. However, there is an entire branch of marketing that deals with B2B procedures. Industrial marketing is one such section that needs its marketing strategists to deal with other businesses rather than individual customers.  

The industrial marketing strategies are intricate and include different stages which automatically indicates that the expert handling all of it should possess a particular skill set.  

Should they be articulate? Should they be an expert in communication? Should they know the nitty-gritty of the industry? Well, yes. But, just being another marketing strategist is not going to make the cut. 

To make it to the top, and emerge victoriously, it is necessary that a marketing strategist should possess specific qualities. You may ask which ones? A summary of the best qualities of marketing strategists is given below. Keep reading to find out more.  

1.The Ability to Build the Right Team 

A business can leverage the best methods to handle technology, but the human resource is what makes it stand out. People make the most differences. Hence, having a team that adds to the marketing strategies is essential. A good marketing executive will be able to identify skilled employees in the industry and build a team with the same. 

Having a talented team to carry out the best strategies is what will boost the reputation of the executive as well. A strong team is a win-win situation for all. While many might fail to recognize this simple but valid point, a good executive should have the ability to identify talent and add them to his/her team.  

2.Critical-thinking and Problem-Solving Skills 

Underrated and often ignored, very few people in the marketing circuit pay attention to developing critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Marketing is not only about sharing information with the client base. It is much more than that. Successful marketing is about understanding every little aspect of everything that is happening around you. Different clients will have different kinds of request, and somedays will be tough working with them. Such problems are a part of the marketing world. However, where there is a problem, there should be a solution as well, and this is why it is pivotal to develop such significant abilities. By using critical-thinking, any deadlock can be solved, whereas, problem-solving skills will allow you to deal with all issues constructively. With these simple qualities, acing the marketing game and becoming an expert becomes easier.  

3.The Ability to Narrate a Story 

Why would an industrial marketing strategist require to possess writing skills? Well, the marketing scenario today has changed completely. Gone are the days when marketing was only about connecting with clients. Nowadays, most marketing experts have to be comfortable publishing content online, construct good narratives and pique the interest of the visitors/clients. Websites these days act like a portfolio and are a part of a useful marketing strategy that helps connect to and convert clients. Publishing content regularly on the website or even various platforms is significant. From the landing page to the subscription mail, every piece of content should narrate a story because it is the fuel for marketing today.

The marketer should be mindful about framing the right emails and sending them to the target audience through reliable databases too. A good marketing strategist is therefore expected to know how to craft an engaging content. Since content marketing is considered to be a lead generating component, knowing how to deal with it is thus vital and expected out of all marketing executives.  

4.Ample of Experience 

Good or not, an experience is an experience. A good marketing strategist should have enough exposure in the industry to analyze and judge situations even before they approach. From understanding various types of tools to having the know-how of different platforms, a marketing expert should be able to leverage his/her familiarity with the circuit well. Each marketing element is different from the other; hence, understanding all of these is essential. Moreover, with experience, these get a fantastic boost — the more the background, the better the chances of being knowledgeable. Possessing the right amount of expertise can further aid the growth.  

5.The Ability to Adapt 

The world of marketing is all about adapting and growing. Speed is an aspect that needs consideration in this field. Getting too comfortable or too slow to the changes will cost hard. To become a successful industrial marketing strategist, you need to be susceptible to changes. Adapting and growing is one of the best ways to succeed in this arena. Getting along with the pulse of the industry, the changes, and the tools to quickly adapt with it will help survive longer. New strategies will be introduced, and a good marketing expert should feel comfortable accepting it. Staying a step ahead of your peers in the industry will help you go a long way. One of the finest ways to do the same would be to allocate 5 hours every week to analyze new changes in consumer behavior and technologies in the industry. And, a great expert would not only change and adapt himself/herself but would also update the team and encourage them to tag along.  

6.The Ability to Manage Stress 

Though the world of marketing looks very enticing, the stress and pressure cannot be denied either. Not only do the experts have to deal with the anxiety of developing the best strategies, but one mistake can cost them gravely as well. Hence, it is essential for marketing strategists to be able to manage stress. Being too anxious or emotional can affect the work adversely, rendering the work environment toxic. Thus, the ability to handle stress is important. Taking occasional breaks from work to lay off some of the heat can be a great way to keep your blood pressure checked, and promoting a good work environment as well.  

In Conclusion 

Becoming an industrial marketing strategist is not simple. It requires patience, perseverance, motivation and a deep understanding of the industry. Moreover, to ace it all, possessing the marketing strategist skills as mentioned early on in this blog is vital. To reach higher, aim higher, and to aim higher, the given expertise should be inherent.

Vance Hayden is a writer of his thoughts. Having a background in logistics sales, he has proved his worth in fields of digital marketing, market research and related areas at CampaignLake where we focus on industrywise marketing. He also writes fiction, on subjects ranging from war stories to romantic narratives. While not penning down creative ideas, he spends his time listening to Pink Floyd, sketching anime charaters or travelling.

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