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The Banking & Finance industry began with the early stage of human civilization, when people learned to exchange commodities which led to the concept of money. Today Banking & financial comprises of several organizations such as investment & commercial banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, hedge funds, accounting agencies, consumer finance firms, brokerage firms, & various professionals in each of these sectors. The services of these organizations in the industry are mainly related to insurance & banking services, investments, accounting, and foreign exchange.  

But how it all came to be & how marketers of today’s fast paced business world can reach the decision makers of this sector with ease? 

Origins of Banking & Finance industry 

It is said that the history of banking & finance industry began with the prototype banks of ancient merchants who made grain loans to traders & farmers who carried goods. Historians have found evidence regarding this in India, Sumeria & Assyria. Later in ancient Greece & roman Empires, moneylenders who were based from temples gave loans to citizens while accepting deposits.  

The crucial development in banking systems is considered to have happened in medieval and Renaissance Italy, especially in the cities of Genoa, Venice & Florence. The oldest bank in existence is Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, located in Siena, Italy, operating since 1472. The system of banking spread around Italy & to northern Europe in the 15th and 16th century and finally reached London by the 18th century. The developments in telecommunications & computing resulted in major improvements of the operations which let banks dramatically increase in geographic spread & size.  

Difference between banking & Finance 

Most often, the terms banking & Finance are used together even though they differ in the way they works. Banking services aid in managing day to day transactions like accepting demand, term deposits & offering loans while Finance sector is basically about insurance, pensions, stocks, venture capitalists, mutual funds, hedge funds etc.  

The main distinguishing factor is that finance services accept deposits while finance services don’t even though the motto is same – aid customers (both individuals & firms) manage wealth, lower risks & get better returns.  

Banking & Finance industry – A.I & Digitalization 

Artificial Intelligence has become a major factor in the Banking & Finance industry & it is set to disrupt even further. Consumers of today can use facial recognition & use voice commands to check their banking details using financial apps. Even half of the tasks of customer service is taken over by Artificial Intelligence. Majority of the banks have already tried with Artificial Intelligence and the rest are on its way in identifying what the technology can do for them.  

Digitalization has also proved its worth in the Banking & Finance industry. Majority of the big banks have already enhanced their customer facing & front end operations with the solutions f digital. Technologists have forecasted that the old brick & mortar banking alone will no longer work in the future.  

Reaching the professionals of the Banking & Finance industry 

The Banking & Finance industry has changed a lot with time. This has also resulted in the way to market to the professionals of this field. The executives of this field are busy individuals who are busy with completing the tasks that are assigned to them. This actually makes it difficult for the modern marketers to officially send across their marketing messages for the promotion of their products & services.  

The executives in this field will know the inside out of the businesses, which means they will expect quality information for the marketers who approach them rather than flashy graphics. This makes it necessary to send out targeted messages on how the products & services can actually benefit them.  

Enter Banking & Finance industry email lists. Email marketing is one marketing medium that actually delivers quality results. By acquiring quality Banking & Finance Industry Email Lists that is cleansed & verified. You can easily segment your target audience and execute campaigns that delivers results.  

By attaining Banking & Finance industry email lists you can: 

  • Effectively keep customers informed 
  • Easily reach mobile customers 
  • Customize & integrate into other marketing tactics 
  • Easily find SIC code, NAICS codes, revenue, and other information 
  • Effectively market with minimum investment 

Boost your campaigns with Banking & Finance industry email lists 

CampaignLake’s Banking & Finance industry email lists let you push your marketing messages to connect decision makers of the Banking & Finance Industry to ease sales. Our data scientists who have years of experience in this field have crafted this database with the utmost care to ensure that our clients do not find any difficulty in acquiring clients. Attain our Banking & Finance industry email lists & start campaigns to make positive impacts for promoting your products, services, & your brand. 

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