9 Gamification tools to transform your business


The Gamification industry is one that has been around for a while, and it looks like they’re here to stay. The hype around gamification reached a tipping point in 2010. The industry is projected to have the potential to become a $20+ billion market, in the near future.  

According to mordorintelligence.com, the global Gamification market was valued at USD 5.5 billion in 2018. It is estimated to witness a CAGR of 30.31% over the forecast period (2019-2024).

Gamification is all about  incorporating gaming mechanics into the sales process. It’s useful in multiple segments of the B2B industry like CRM and employee management.

Gamification boosts employee performance and satisfaction. It is useful to increase sales, plan purchase-based rewards, loyalty programs, and leaderboards.

Many MNCs like Cognizant and Microsoft, have implemented gamification to improve their sales performance.  

What more are you thinking about?

With so many benefits to reap, it’s not too late to enter the bandwagon!

Here are 9 Gamification tools that will transform your business completely.


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Ambition is a sales management service that offers a variety of gamification tools to help you manage your business. It stores all your employees’ data at one place, in a well-segmented manner. You can set goals, maintain scorecards, and also gain real-time insights into the performance of every employee with the help of this tool. It also has a coaching feature that enables sales leaders to have actiondriven sessions with their representatives.


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CRMGamified offers one of the most successful gamification tools available in the market, Hurrah! Leaderboards. Since its inception in 2011, it has helped several organizations like the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers to improve their sales. Hurrah! Leaderboards provide performance broadcasting and gamification for sales teams. It integrates with a wide range of databases, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to ensure always live information. The application syncs with Microsoft CRM to ensure that all your services are available at one place. You can run contests and put up leaderboards for employees with real-time performance trackings.


CloudApps deliver deep insight into deal health, drive every rep to quota and take forecast accuracy to unprecedented new heights. How? By using AI and behavioral science to track & promote the right sales behaviors at the right time, deliver guided selling & data-driven coaching and construct highly accurate forecast predictions. The CloudApps Sales Effectiveness & Accuracy Platform can increase your win rate by 20%, average deal size by 19% and take forecast accuracy over 95%.


Gametize is a versatile enterprise-grade gamification platform for HR, community/consumer advocacy and engagement, with challenge modules such as quizzes, photos, videos, QR codes. It is extremely easy to set up and use; Anyone can create a white-label web/mobile campaign in just 5 minutes, leveraging Gametize’s key gamification mechanics of challenges, rewards, teaming. Gametize has been endorsed by academics and research companies in reports and case studies, such as Bond University, San Jose State University, Forrester. Gametize was also selected as Singapore’s 20 hottest startups in 2015 by Singapore Business Review magazine, and IBM SmartCamp (ASEAN) People’s Choice Winner in 2013

Price: 7-day free trial available; $100/month to $500/month.


PlayVox is ideal for you if you are into customer support. This app can improve an entire team’s performance. One of the most useful features of this tool is its ability to track the performance of both, the team leaders and the agents. The tool is particularly helpful to find quick resolution and to provide short sales boosts. The tool also contains a catalog where you can store various forms of bonuses, like, prepaid items, and e-vouchers.


Spinify is a service that claims to change your office culture. With Spinify, you canautomatically rank your employees based on their performance. You can also set targets and goals for them. The tool automatically generates rewards like points and badges. The scores are entirely transparent and can be viewed by all employees. It also shows predictions based on each employee’s current performance. All in all, Spinify creates a healthy competition in the work space.


Influitive is a unique tool that has incorporated several customer-oriented gamification programs. It offers crucial customer insights and automatically categorizes them. This, is particularly useful to identify loyal customers.

Companies can schedule promotions and bonuses based on customers’ interest levels.


LevelEleven is a performance management tool that features scorecards, contests, coaching tools and more, giving managers real-time insight into the activity and performance of their sales reps against their goals.

Bunchball Nitro

Bunchball Nitro is a gamification application that focuses on improving learning.The best aspect of this software is that achievement goals can be set right at the entry-level.

With industry trends showing a surge in the gamification market, it’s time to give your business a much deserved push. By integrating gamification in your sales process, you can ensure all round development of your business.

Gamification works on the human psyche by providing it with challenges which when completed, could be a source of gratification. This, eventually leads to the creation of satisfied employees, which later translates to happy customers! So, are you in for the game?

   Tango card

Tango Card is an all in one solution that can be used to deliver incentives. You can use this tool to provide incentives to employees, suppliers, customers, and even partners. The only issue with this tool is that you must have a well-prepared plan before using their service. You must have clear, well-defined rewards for different audiences, along with different goals for each of them.

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Want to get in touch professionals of the gaming industry? Need some help?

Avail our Gaming Industry Email List and gain more insights!

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