Travelling is loved by most of the world. Why wouldn’t it be? There is a scope of growth in it- for individuals and businesses both. So, let us talk about B2B travel industry.

Talking about B2C or B2B travel companies or professionals, we do realize that they are growing and have their own marketing strategies. B2B travel related concepts have improved over time. Apart from association with the eminent media and printing industries tie-up, considering the latest online and offline marketing practices, the stages of communication in the B2B travel companies need to be improved.

Tactful marketing methods by B2B travel companies are becoming more exciting and enthusiastic in nature. It is basically concerning customer expectations and digital environment.

There will be guidance from experts, which takes place in an agency or travel business environment. This is for educating agency team members to improve their marketing skills. When we discuss travel marketing, creative processes are consistently changed basically to entertain the audience with appropriate and precise information.

B2B travel industries need to be ready with newer concepts for their successful business continuation. Because nowadays newness stands out and improves business with a high rate of customer attention.

We’ve laid down some crucial points for your B2B travel marketing plan in 2019:

Abby Langer


Abby Langer

We are discussing how communication hierarchy can be followed in B2B travel companies. 

Nowadays, travel marketers of in B2B zone have become much focused on reaching decision makers like the Marketing Directors, COOs for deals to close faster. 

B2B travel industry includes significant interactions between every business who contributes in running the entire travel industry before they serve the general public. These include business transactions between operators of airport transfer, agencies for entertainment, and manufacturers of consumer products ranging from bathroom kits to interior decors. Also, food and beverage agencies, caterers or companies, operators of travel and so on. 

Hence, a systematic way of communication is required for smooth transactions in a B2B travel industry. A hierarchy structure is less about who is in power to twists transactions. It is more of streamlining conversations for understanding and resolving problems efficiently. 

In a simple sense, it helps in making best decisions for the success of a travel company.




Rita K. Saeed

Indubitably, multi-channel marketing is trending and becoming a simplistic way to keep in touch with many businesses. Agents can be communicated and expressed new ideas for marketing. Sometimes, one can even do unconventional sells.

(i) Preparing a communication plan for luxury brands of various consumer items and hotels via emails, social media or direct dials is a productive option.
Marketing in B2B travel is unique, and it needs to be responded on time.

(ii) Improve bonding between you and your target audience through special offers, or try and meet them in upcoming Trade Shows. The special offers may include, a discount in your present offering, or a concession in proposals for a long festive season.

(iii) New travel agents need to be aware of established agents of the same or different locality. You can check them out on social media or visit their online websites.

(iv) Videos have become more powerful nowadays. So, utilize them in your B2B travel marketing plans. Portray your goodwill through creative videography based on your brand.

(v) Referral Programs can be introduced from social circles. And, the follow-ups can be done via email marketing or direct dials. Make sure that you have reliable contact lists in your database.

Agents should be informed about the Policy Documents, Documents regarding Contracts,
Sales Materials, and Seasonal Travel Rates including Taxes. These can be regularly and professionally updated via emails. Also, be a part of the discussions for answering specific queries. Being informed helps.

Would you want some Marketing Ideas when you’re at the bottom of the sales funnel?


Clara Norfleet

Here, we are discussing about User Experience over a website and other applications for B2B travel companies.

i. Tie up with photo-editing and image development companies. It will prove helpful because travel business should be visually appealing as well. You can make your products and services stand out through relevant HD images.

ii. Keeping niche websites updated with fresh and relevant content can help bring more engaged readers. Some real travel experiences can be added in the blog as well. Search Engine Optimization needs to be worked. Otherwise, the company website may not be visible over the search engine.

Most of c-level executives or the professionals in B2B travel industry spend searching for relevant information online. So, as a B2B travel marketer, make it a point to build a website that is responsive and converts well.

iii. Take time to do surveys and know the opinions of your existing or potential customers. In this way you can create a business that is aligned to your end-goals.

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Marissa Moore

Keep your clients updated is a simple motto. Always add new themes with relevant information in your Newsletters to impress the recipients. Prepare the newsletters maintaining the brand image. Also, be mindful about the subject lines and CTAs to avoid being a part of their unwanted list.

Directing the audiences to your social media sites keeps them engaged as well. If in case they like what you’ve done, they may sign up. This improves your online community strength. Hence, increased references can be added too.

Laura Thomas


The methods to enhance B2B travel relations have broadened over the years with the emergence of digital marketing medium. It is essential to keep in contact with every leading entity. And, communicating through the latest marketing tactics surely helps in building your brand efficiently.
However, Marketing Consultants for B2B travel companies have expressed that marketing tactics are bound to change because of changing technology.
Therefore, the way forward to keep being relevant as a conscious B2B travel business is to go with the flow. Adapt with what’s working or what would work the best to bring more conversions.

Vance Hayden is a writer of his thoughts. Having a background in logistics sales, he has proved his worth in fields of digital marketing, market research and related areas at CampaignLake where we focus on industrywise marketing. He also writes fiction, on subjects ranging from war stories to romantic narratives. While not penning down creative ideas, he spends his time listening to Pink Floyd, sketching anime charaters or travelling.

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