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In “IRobot (2004)” movie, Will Smith played the role of a human with robotic body. There are scenes within the movie where files will open with Spooner’s (Will Smith) voice identification. Also, in “The Incredibles (2004)” movie, the character Edna Mode scans her hand, enters a unique PIN number and speaks into a voice verification system to get an access to her secret den.

Even in Star Wars (1977), C-3PO robot could respond with voice commands of humans. The list goes on and on.

Though Hollywood movies have been portraying voice search, it is still a newbie for healthcare marketing. Voice search is also undergoing new updates and adaptations for healthcare marketing taken up by healthcare industry.

Now let’s see how voice search plays a vital role in healthcare marketing.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search is a form of speech recognition technology that provides the ability to search the internet through your voice rather than a text-based search on the search bar. Google, Alexa, Siri, Cortana and so on lets you do voice searches effectively.

Comscore says that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020.

Why do you use voice search?

Customers have started to use voice search for three main reasons. They are;

  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • The ability of voice search to interpret complex queries

Why should healthcare marketers use voice search for their marketing campaigns?

Healthcare marketers have the natural question of why they must use voice search. There are some valid reasons for healthcare marketers to utilize voice search in their campaigns.

  • Google is actively indexing voice inflection, misspellings, and slangs
  • If your pages are correctly optimized for voice, it could rank for 100 to 100 keywords instead of ten keywords
  • Companies that have tuned their website to voice search increased their Search Engine Optimization traffic by 20%-70%
  • Voice-based SEO will have more visitors converted than text-based SEO


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Internet users use voice search for four main reasons:

General Information: people find it easier to use voice search over search engines for general information like news, stock market statistics, travel options, recipes and so on.

Personal Assistants: several smartphones have voice enabled personal occassions and task lists reminders. This facility serves as a personal assistant to individuals who use them.

Entertainment: Seeking for videos, music, TV shows, sports events, and so on through voice search is becoming a regular practice now.

Local Information: To get an information on traffic, local addresses and the time taken to cover the distance is possible through voice enabled apps by Google and other significant brands in the market is on the rise.


Well! It is hi-time that you optimize your sites for voice search effectively. There are some essentials to execute while integrating voice search to your healthcare website.

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User Intent:

Voice search is mostly used for the informational queries rather than the informational queries. The informational questions from patients and customers would be relating to review of other patients, scheduling appointments, wheelchair accessible entrances and so on.

The impact of voice searches has given rise to the change in the response of Google and other voice search tools.

After the rise of voice search, Google has changed its mode of interpretation of the user voice searches.

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Voice-optimized Content and SEO

All you must do is to focus on the questions that are relevant to the audience needs. If you wish to optimize your content for position zero, then you must use proper focus keywords that answers the questions of your targeted audience.

For your website to be reflected in the SERP page, then you must choose categories that are relevant to the business.

Doctor > Surgeon > Orthopedic Surgeon > Hand Surgeon

It would best if you are more specific to your category selection to get qualified search results and traffic to your website.

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Laura Thomas
Laura Thomas
Laura Thomas

Language Change

A change of language is required when you are doing a voice search. In Desktop, you make a few short words or phrases as voice search. But in Google voice search, your searches take a natural form of questions like “OK Google, Why I have a headache?

Also, make sure that you get your web content optimized for the open-ended and closed-ended questions for different focus keywords. It can enhance the relevancy of your healthcare marketing site.


The rise of voice searches has led to another impact named a context of the search. Your context of search is essential for Google to execute a successful search query. If you make your queries in smartphones or digital assistants, the devices fill those search information in the form of location and search history.

The location and search history helps Google to provide meaningful responses to the queries that users make regularly. 

Data Structure

The rise of voice search is making a significant transformation in the data structure. Data structure means that the information on the website is precisely organized for Google to identify it. Structured data or schema markup is a term that is often used in this context.

Schema markup is a form of microdata, which you add to the webpage. Schema markup helps to return your website content in the way of a detailed and enhanced description. The extent a search engine interprets the context of search queries determine the quality of the search result.

But Schema markup may not have a direct relation to your organic search.  It helps your webpages to appear more prominently in SERP (Search Engine Relevant Pages) and improved click-through rates.


Mostly Google presents the answers to the voice queries based on the user locations. Google search results get optimized in terms of the locations of your target audience. You can check the Google, social media and other review platforms like Yelp for preparing a content relevant to the areas of the audience. Also, you need to make sure that you provide quality and well-written content for the users.


Hollywood has depicted more on voice search, before their evolution and advancements. Looks like, we will be entering a new phase in healthcare marketing with the voice search.

Even a movie on voice search in healthcare marketing will accelerate the growth of voice search in healthcare marketing.

It looks like you have understood the role of voice search in healthcare marketing measured through its impacts.

Prepare your healthcare website content with voice search, then go on to create a unique voice for your content.

Building content for voice search has turned primary,

Building a unique voice for your content comes after it

If you liked the post, share it with your friends, relatives, and colleagues. Share your exciting experiences of preparing a voice-optimized content in the comments box. Also, share how various other Hollywood movies portrayed voice search.

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