Selling effectively in today’s Agriculture industry

By 2050 the population of the world will rise to 9.3 billion. This information means that we will need 70% more food in the world by then, so the pressure to produce more quality food to people at decent prices is high on the Agriculture industry. Agriculture industry is the industry that has been producing food for the masses. Agriculture, also known as farming or husbandry, is the science of nurturing life forms such as plants & animals for food, fiber, raw materials & fuel. Agriculture industry comprises of various establishments that engage in cultivating crops, raising animals & fish, logging wood, encompassing dairies, farms, ranches, & hatcheries. More than one-third of the world’s workers are engaged in the agriculture industry & it is second only to the service sector.

Agriculture industry – An overview

The origin of agriculture is not simple & single. It was a key factor in the evolution & rise of human civilization. The first records of agriculture date back to the closing of the ice age when glaciers melted, sea levels rose, & ecosystems of the world reorganized. Domestication of animals began along with it which increased the output of meat, egg & milk for consumption. All types of farming that exists today rely on procedures on maintaining environments instrumental in raising domestic species. If it’s farming, the property must be sustained with an irrigation system & if it’s raising livestock, the land must be cultivated for supporting animal life. The practice enabled our population to grow many times larger than it could have been kept in existence by hunting & gathering. Thousands of years later, after being influenced by various human cultures, climate variations, & evolving technologies, the practice of agriculture is still evolving. In today’s world, processing, marketing, & distribution of crops & livestock etc. are all accepted as part of the agriculture industry. It also plays a significant role in the economy of countries because, in addition to providing food & raw material, it also provides employment opportunities to a major chunk of the population. As per Simon Kuznets, the famous economist & statistician, there are mainly four ways through which agriculture industry contributes towards the economic development. They are:
  • Product contribution
  • Market contribution
  • Factor contribution
  • Foreign exchange contribution
In 2017, the World Bank in its World Development Report pleaded for the development of the agriculture industry in the 21st century for both poverty reduction and sustainable development. Industrial growth of nations depends on the agricultural growth as a continuous supply of pesticides, fertilizers, and farm technologies are needed for great output. This creates balanced growth.

Agriculture industry – Going forward

Today, smart agriculture is gaining more importance, as it’s being used to enhance agricultural productivity by addressing agricultural based issues, such as food demand and making farms more intelligent & connected. The market value of smart agriculture is expected to reach around 26.76 Billion US dollars by the year, 2020. It employs a range of applications that is based on IOT such as smart greenhouses, smart irrigation, variable rate technology, agriculture drones, soil monitoring systems, precision livestock farming, precision farming etc. The need to conserve water, realities of changing climate & the emphasis on the enhancement of efficiency through cost minimization & resource optimization are the main drivers of smart agriculture.

Agriculture industry-Reaching the professionals

Agriculture industry consists of professionals who work in various verticals including farming, livestock production, landscaping, & many more. Reaching them can be tough for marketers for selling the products & services of the organizations they represent. They will quickly want to know how your services & products can benefit them in the best way possible. This is where the importance of Agriculture industry email list comes up. Email marketing is one of the most perfect techniques that actually delivers quality results in marketing. By acquiring email list of Agriculture industry executives, you will be able to segment your target audience in the best manner ever enabling you to strategize & plan your campaigns in forwarding the marketing & sales messages. With the aid of Agriculture industry email list, you can easily reach customers through the medium of mobile & effectively keep them informed. The marketing technique can be customized & integrated into other marketing tactics. Moreover, attaining an email list of Agriculture industry executives is inexpensive compared to the other marketing techniques.

Boost your campaign strength with Agriculture industry email list

The ways of marketing have changed which makes it important for marketers to adapt to the changes for performing best. Cutting through the traffic & sending across precise marketing messages which makes an impact is what marketers should focus on. We are glad to aid marketers in that process by providing Agriculture industry email list that is well cleansed & appended. Also read on: Targeted Marketing to Win in Healthcare Industry
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