Targeted Marketing To Win In Healthcare Industry


As per The Economist Intelligence Unit, the global annual health spending will reach $8.734 trillion dollars by the year 2020. Increase in aging population, higher prevalence of chronic diseases, wasteful spending throughout the industry, being few of the main reasons for the rise in the size of the Healthcare Industry, both startups & established firms around the world are making use of this opportunity to bring innovative solutions to the market.

But this was not always the case with the Healthcare industry. Even though healthcare had a huge importance from the dawn of human civilization, our knowledge about it was very limited. But we have come a long way from home remedies, traditional practices & ancient Pharmacology. Today, the Healthcare Industry plays a major role in the world economy. It is a factor in determining the export status, capital investment, and employment of citizens to GDP of nations.

A good healthcare system means the population of a country will have access to treatment for various illnesses and therefore, very low financial burdens on the country and the citizens, because of its reliable workforce. Leading economists argue that spending in the healthcare industry is a positive activity as it creates more job opportunities along with healthy citizens.

Factors influencing Healthcare Industry

For the efficient functioning of the Healthcare Industry, a lot of factors are dependent on it. These include:

*Technology                                                          *Healthcare Reforms

*Change in lifestyle                                              *Healthcare Complexity

*Health insurance coverage                               *Access to Digital Transformation

*Healthcare product and service prices           *Demographics and patient characteristics

Professionals who work in the Healthcare Industry, whether they are physicians or businessmen, are constantly looking for products & solutions that positively go along with these factors. If you have products & services that can make their work easier, the Healthcare Industry is your goldmine.

Targeted Marketing in Healthcare Industry

The methods of marketing & sales are constantly evolving & healthcare marketers across the world are competing against each other for generating profit. Unlike other industries, Healthcare Industry serves as a broad audience and even the smallest of changes can make huge impacts in them throughout. The products & services offered by marketers should match the trends to be able to be used in the market.

But even if your products & services match the requirements, effective marketing is required to be executed so that the target audience comes to know about it, especially the decision makers. Let’s have a look at few of the best techniques marketers can apply in effectively marketing in today’s Healthcare Industry:

Purchasing Healthcare Industry Marketing Database

Personalized marketing is the way of marketing today. It’s important to know your prospect to whom you are sending across the marketing messages. By acquiring a quality Healthcare Industry Marketing Database you can gain access to relevant marketing data of prospects which can be used for personalizing your marketing messages by analyzing buyer personas. You can also execute multi-channel marketing campaigns by attaining email ids, corporate mail addresses, phone numbers & social media credentials of your prospects.

Want to reach decision makers of the Healthcare Industry with ease?


Using Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be a valuable tool in marketing to the Healthcare Industry. If your organization is not on social media, you are going to miss out on a huge opportunity to connect directly with your key audience. Each platform in social media has its own advantages and can be used differently. Facebook’s low cost features can be taken advantage to boost posts or by paying for ad space you will get noticed by the audience who are actually interested in buying your products. LinkedIn is more than just a newsfeed as it can be used for researching a person or a company for starting conversations.

Taking advantage of SEO & Blogging

In America alone, 80% of the web users are looking online for health information and that is more than 200,000,000 people. This also includes the decision makers of organizations in the Healthcare Industry and by making use of aggressive targeted digital marketing, they can be easily reached. But, the sad fact is that a majority of the B2B healthcare marketers do not approach blogging & SEO the way they should.

One of the initial steps in B2B healthcare marketing is making use of blogging to identify the blog’s worth and knowing whether it’s on par with the rest of the site. It should be made sure that it’s easy to use, easy to find, linked to other sites & visually cohesive with the rest of the pages on the website. Call to action buttons should also be added.

Through the process of effective SEO, you can boost the quantity & quality of organic traffic by focusing your content on specific keywords your clients actually would use in their searches.

Your turn to market in Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry has come a long way from how it was in the beginning. The industry is saving the lives of people every day along with providing job opportunities to millions. For marketers, the industry is a gold mine that will never exhaust but it’s necessary for you to update your marketing techniques as the world of business has changed. Do not get submerged in the sea of competition.

Vance Hayden is a writer of his thoughts. Having a background in logistics sales, he has proved his worth in fields of digital marketing, market research and related areas at CampaignLake where we focus on industrywise marketing. He also writes fiction, on subjects ranging from war stories to romantic narratives. While not penning down creative ideas, he spends his time listening to Pink Floyd, sketching anime charaters or travelling.

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