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The advertising industry is a multibillion-dollar business that serves the role of a bridge between the consumers & corporations-on a global basis. Whether it’s for Fortune 500 or non-profit organizations, establishments of the advertising industry are assigned for launching new products, cultivating brand identities, persuading consumers for switching brands & many more. Advertising can create & manage the link between organizations, products & consumers and can be the catalyst in boosting sales.

The adverting industry is older than most people think and was influenced by inventions that shaped the media – printing press, radio, television and the Internet.

It’s said the ancient Egyptians used to wall posters & sales messages using papyrus. Political campaign displays & commercial messages were found in the ruins of Arabia and wall or rock painting for commercial advertising is present to this date in many parts of Africa, Asia & South America. Other than that in ancient China, there are records of candy sellers who used to play bamboo flutes for attracting customers.

Advertising took a new turn with the establishment of print media as businesses took the opportunity to promote their products & services through newspapers, posters, bill boards etc. Still, it took years for advertising to be heard. Radio, which was introduced in 1920, enabled advertising to be seen as music, soap operas & serial adventures populated the medium. Then television & cable television changed everything as it enabled commercials to be broadcasted with sight, sound & motion. It also enabled advertisers to create targeted ads for attracting users with specified interests.

Today, with the advent of internet, social media channels, Big data & mobile phones, the game face of advertising has changed. Digital marketing process itself now comprises of email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing & various types of display advertising. Online advertising is continuing to change by adapting to incoming trends, dynamic consumer behaviors & technological advancements.

The advertising industry is so huge that it consists of companies that advertise, agencies that craft the advertisements, media channels that carries the ads & a gigantic amount of people which includes visualizers, copy writers, researchers, creative heads, designers & brand managers. The procedure in the advertising industry is as follows: When a company needs to advertise, they hire an advertising agency. The company briefs the agency on the brand, imagery, values & ideals, target market & segments and so on. The agencies converts the concepts & ideas for creating text, visuals, layouts & themes for communicating to the user. After the client’s approval, the ads go on air, as per the bookings done the buying unit of the agency.

Three main advertising objectives

The main three objectives of advertising are to

Inform: Informative ads usually have more copy that is centered on explaining the features of the benefits & solutions to the customer especially if the objective is to introduce a brand new company, service or product for marketing. It also aids companies with complex solutions in informing customers of how their products & services can help customers.

Persuade: This is very much needed as it helps in persuading customers once they have a basic understanding of your offerings. The features of product quality, service, the cool factor, unique characteristics can be used in the approach.

Remind: The general idea behind reminder ads is to maintain the image in the mind of the customers for not letting competitors come steal them. The idea over here is to keep the brand & the central message in the forefront of the customer’s mind so that they will never look for substitutes.

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Professionals in this sector are extremely busy individuals who will be occupied with the tasks assigned to them. Reaching them is not going to be easy for marketers & these professionals prefer substance rather than flashy graphics. They will quickly want to know how your services or products can aid them in their jobs effectively.

This is where Advertising Industry email list comes into the picture. Email marketing has been generating the highest ROI for marketers, for the past ten years in a row. By attaining Advertising Industry email list, you will be able to segment your target audience in the most effective manner & strategize your campaigns in effectively sending across marketing messages. It is perfect for today’s marketing world.

Let’s see some reasons why the Advertising Industry email list is vital for your business:

  • Easily reach mobile customers
  • It can be customized & integrated into other marketing tactics
  • It is inexpensive compared to other techniques
  • Effectively keep customers informed

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